Sunday, January 1, 2012

12.23.11aa 12.23.11 (Friday pm) - Sunset at my mom's house. We all ran out to see the sky and then ran back in because Chicago is a COLD COLD place. 12.23.11b 12.23.11a 12.23.11 (Friday am) - My mom has a new dog named Murphy. The kids are in love. 12.22.11 12.22.11 (Thursday) - The first time we ever drove to Chicago in one day (11.5 hours), the kids excitement about seeing Grandma prevented them from sleeping in the car. So they all passed out on the bed within two hours of arrival. 12.21.11b 12.21.11c 12.21.11 (Wednesday) - We went to see the lights at this over-the-top house in North Arlington. It was worth the car trip.

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