Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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(T drew a picture of our family!!)

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March schoolwork (2014).

Monday, April 21, 2014

"She never remembered Isadora once discussing a love of dogs. Almost no one she'd known in his or her twenties in New York City had a dog. But clearly life took people and shook them around until finally they were unrecognizable even to those who had once known them well. Still, there was power in once having known someone.

"I read somewhere that most of the intense feelings you'll ever feel take place right around our age. And everything that comes afterward is going to feel more and more diluted and disappointing."

"Oh, don't say that. It can't be true," Jules said. "We haven't even done anything yet. Not really."

- Meg Wolitzer, The Interestings

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Sometimes life feels very long. What all I have come through! And other times, it seems as if it has all gone by too fast, and still I haven't learned, and still I haven't done anything. I feel strangely new to the world. What has one been alive long enough to draw some conclusions, to say anything intelligent about it?

. . . .

I have a big realization at that time. Okay, there is the framing the shots and fashioning the sets. There is editing and makeup and lighting and props, and there is even writing. But the greatest challenge always lies in how one handles the actors."

- Bibhutibhushan Mallik's Final Storyborad

"Children are monsters, strange versions of ourselves, and we love them as fiercely as they grieve us with fear."

- On the Banks of Table River

- I am an Executioner, Love Stories by Rajesh Parameswaran