Thursday, January 19, 2012



01.17.11 (Tuesday am) - Another rainy, freakishly warm day (low 60s) in January. We need to buy some window coverings. Decisions, decisions. Luckily the neighbors have their own, so they can block us out.


01.16.11 (Monday evening) - F learned about MLK in school, so after dinner Dan told her we could all watch the "I Have A Dream" speech together. It's pretty amazing, especially realizing how large of a crowd attended The March on Washington.




01.16.11 (Monday) - Cold day. But F and P insisted on spending most of the afternoon outside.



01.15.11 (Sunday) - We had the new neighbors over for dinner, lots of vegetarian dishes (swiss chard and spaghetti squash). F helped cook everything and even "tried" to eat it. Tried being the key word in that sentence.

01.14.11 (Saturday) - I didn't realize until Sunday that I forgot to take a picture on my birthday. It was a good day, full of friends and cupcakes. Three dozen. Wow.

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