Monday, January 16, 2012

01.11.12b 01.11.12a 01.11.12 (Wednesday pm) - Dan's mom and great aunt came to visit in the afternoon. Several dance parties followed. 01.11.12dd 01.11.12 (Wednesday afternoon) - F's poem (translation) - My Poem: Home, Om/ Om Home/ Whatever It Is It's Something People Live in/ Home, Om." 01.11.12aa 01.11.12aa 01.11.12cc 01.11.12 (Wednesday am) - F woke up saying she felt "too sick to go to school." She didn't seem sick, but I let her stay home. We spent the morning working on art projects. Sometimes everyone needs a day off. 01.10.12b 01.10.12a 01.10.12 (Tuesday) - After we dropped F off at school, we realized I locked us out of the house. We had to call a locksmith (Mr. Supershady) who arrived one hour late and explained that all of our locks were "unpickable". So he had to replace one. A couple hundred dollars later, he got us back inside. I think the whole thing was a total scam, but I was too cold to fight.

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