Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12.19.11b 12.19.11a 12.19.11 (Monday) - Another unseasonably warm day, but winter is obviously closing in on us. The stomach flu kept P up all night. Monday seemed to stretch on forever. 12.17.11 12.17.11 (Saturday) - "Practice" Xmas with Dan's parents. The girls received new American Girl dolls as presents, so now they each have a historic doll and a "just like me" doll. F prefers the "just like me" doll, whereas P is the complete opposite, she loves to dress Nellie in fancy dresses and read about her life. 12.16.11 12.16.11 (Friday) - Picking F up from school, it's important to come prepared. You never know what will need fixing on the way.

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