Monday, December 19, 2011

12.15.11aa 12.15.11c 12.15.11a 12.15.11 (Thursday) - It rained throughout the day, but the showers stopped in the evening and the temps were in the 70s. So we walked around the neighborhood for awhile, glowsticks in hand. 12.14.11a 12.14.11b 12.14.11 (Wednesday) - An early release day at F's school, all three kids played "adventurer" in the backyard for hours after school. Regarding the former house, last Friday we hosted playgroup and the kids all dismantled our little tikes playhouse, their teamwork was pretty impressive. 12.13.11c 12.13.11 (Tuesday pm) - F and T always come home from school both proud and excited about the art projects they made, whereas P often shows less excitement. "Elfee" is the exception, she's practically a family member. 12.13.11a 12.13.11b 12.13.11 (Tuesday am) - Every year the kids bring home some sort of homemade advent calendar from preschool. Often I lose track of them, but this year we've all been diligent about cotton-balling santa. There's something wonderful about watching his beard slowly fill.

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