Saturday, November 26, 2011

11.23.11b 11.23.11 pm (Wednesday) - The rain stopped so we spent the afternoon at National Zoo with Auntie Laurie. We watched an orangutan play computer games, P kept asking "why do only the orangutans get to play that game? I want to play too." Then we came home and built with playshapes. The day made us all wish that Auntie Laurie didn't live so far away. 11.23.11a 11.23.11 am (Wednesday) - A rainy morning, so the kids built a fort under our patio table. Very occupy wall-streetesque. They even tried to make a blanket out a baby wipes. So industrious. 11.22.11 11.22.11 (Tuesday) - We built T's action figure a house, though it looked more like a jail. Funny how that works. 11.21.11a 11.21.11 (Monday) - It rained on Sunday night, but the morning was sunny and warm. A beautiful walk to school.

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