Monday, November 21, 2011

11.19.11a 11.19.11b 11.19.11 (Saturday) - Sibling relationships continue to elude me. They spent all morning fighting over the denim leggings. This is one of the few moments when they were actually getting along. Yes, this is them getting along. Confusing, huh? 11.18.11d 11.18.11 pm (Friday) - Spent the morning at the zoo with T, minus the camera. The lions enthralled both of us. Then blocks before nap. So much building to be done. 11.18.11b 11.18.11c 11.18.11 am (Friday) - A really cold morning, just a glimpse of the winter days to come. Even T wore a coat and hat while walking F to school, though he took both off during the walk home. F yelled at me "if you didn't take pictures all the time, we'd always be early." She's right of course. The problem with always running late is it forces your children to glamorize earliness. But why be early when there's so much to notice along the way?

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