Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10.25.11c 10.25.11 (Tuesday) - Every week it takes longer and longer to walk F to school. T likes to stop and check out everything along the way (every stick, every leaf, every halloween decoration). He forces me to notice the details. 10.24.11a 10.24.11b 10.24.11c 10.24.11 (Monday) - In the late afternoon, someone left a flyer about a lost cat on our doorstop. So we decided to search the neighborhood. We ran into other kids also looking for the cat, funny to watch groups of kids meow at dusk. 10.23.11a 10.23.11c 10.23.11 (Sunday) - Fall Harvest Days at Mt Vernon. The girls sat up front next to the driver during the wagon ride, which made their day.

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