Thursday, October 20, 2011

10.18.11 10.18.11 (Tuesday) - The girls decided to play a game where they drew pictures together. P drew the faces and F created the halloween costumes - princesses and superheros. 10.17.11 10.17.11 (Monday) - An ugly orange house was built on the corner a few years ago. The yard contains construction scraps and all sorts of garbage, as well as a garden with roses and tons of veggies (they even grow corn in the summer). The roses always look beautiful, despite their surroundings (or maybe they look more beautiful because of their surroundings). 10.16.11a 10.16.11b 10.16.11 (Sunday) - F wanted to celebrate her birthday with a few friends at Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Market Fair. The girls all ran through the fields playing "What Time is It Ms. Fox?" Dan, T, and I just sat and watched while other kids joined in.

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